Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trumpette Socks

Many new parents receive a ridiculous amount of socks for their new arrivals. Before they actually try any of them on their little bundles of joy, they might think something along the lines of, "socks are socks." But they would be wrong.

There is one brand that makes far superior socks (that are cool, to boot): Trumpette.

Giddy-up!Don't raise your daughter to be a Black Swan, please...

How dainty! For moguls in the making

These socks rock because they actually STAY ON. The thing about babies is that they wiggle around like fools. They also seem to not like things on their feet. And one of the first things they learn to do is kick. Put all of that together and you have eight pounds of determination to Get. Socks. OFF.

A lot of baby socks are loose or otherwise shapeless and fall off as soon as you pick your kid up from the changing table. Others might last for, oh, TWO MINUTES. But, as I wrote mere seconds ago, Trumpettes stay on.

We received two boxes of the "Skater Johnny" kind and I just love these things.

Rockin' the Mickey hoodie!
Back when Baba G was a teeny little guy

They're just the right colors to be able to match with nearly all of Baba G's outfits. Having two sets has been nice because lots of them are usually in the wash. Although we didn't register for these socks, we're really happy we got the design we did, because my husband wears checkered Vans and that's what the Skater Johnnies look like. (Other designs resemble other popular brands of shoes, like Converse high-tops and whatnot, but they're clearly not able to name them as such.)

Best onesie ever!
He grew! And clearly the socks fit a little bit better now.

Are there socks other than Trumpettes that Baba G can wear happily and not wiggle out of? Yes. And maybe I'll write about some of those brands one day. But nothing's going to beat the Trumpettes!

Dreaming of . . . ? I REALLY wish I knew.
Sleeping happily with warm piggies (that's toes to you normal people)

The bottom line: These make EXCELLENT gifts (most designs come in cute multi-packs). If you don't receive any as gifts, buy some! Or wait until you start losing your mind when your baby's socks won't stay on and his feet are freezing cold and THEN buy some and curse yourself for having to pay an extra $15 for express delivery. They usually go for around $27.50 for six pairs.

PS - I thought Trumpettes only made socks, but they make a lot of other cool stuff for babies and toddlers and kids, too. Check out this "cocoon" thing! How do I get an adult-sized one of these? (I'm serious.)

I'm sure the Snuggie company's already on this.

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  1. Coming from a Mum in Australia - we are so glad that Trumpette socks are finally here! They are amazing - dont fall off and are the coolest thing for babies ever. Thanks to Peppa & Lolly for being brave and bringing them to Australia - now Ausie kids can look cool too! Retailers all across Australia are stocking Trumpette - the best baby present...