Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Aspen's Baby Pilot Outfit

Every once in a while my husband takes a work trip on a client's company jet. So when Baba G arrived, this client sent us Baby Aspen's Big Dreamzzz Baby Pilot outfit as a gift. How appropriate, no?
The package it comes in is a faux piece of luggage, very creative
It's cool-looking on its own . . .

Ready for liftoff! Or maybe just having fun here on the ground
But even better ON!

The size of this outfit is 0 - 6 months, and it fits Baba G perfectly right now (he's 4 months old and closing in on 16 pounds).

When I was looking up the product information for this post, I saw that the Baby Aspen brand makes a bunch of other unique outfits as well. Here are just a few:

Practical? No. Cute? Oh yeah. Buggin' out!

For all you Top Chef fansGet me a bottle, stat!

I seriously could've pasted in like 200 more pictures. Baby Aspen offers much more than outfits—they have toys, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.—so definitely check out their site if you like what you've seen above.

ANYWHO, I can only speak for the pilot outfit, whose material is nice and soft. I've washed it already and the design held up just fine. Clearly BG found it comfy enough to take a snooze in.

We're stuck on the runway 'cause the pilot's zonked out!
Sorry, this flight has been DELAYED.

The bottom line: The Big Dreamzzz Baby Pilot outfit (about $29 at Amazon) is one of those things that I probably would've never found (or bought) on my own, so I'm very glad we were lucky enough to be given it as a gift. I plan to order Baby Aspen products for friends' kids in the future because they're so unusual and cool. Highly recommend!

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