Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer

What better product to give First Review status to than the gizmo that inspired this site? That would be the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer. I had sent my parents and in-laws (who bought the bouncer for BG) some pictures of BG having a ball in it, and my parents emailed me back with a picture of my brother's old-school "bouncer" from the late '70s. As you can see, I provided all of his entertainment—no flashing lights or moving parts in those days!

Entertain me, dammit!
No frills

Compare my brother's seat to BG's over-the-top gizmo:

Never fails to amuse
Side view: Hello Mr. Toad!

Happy happy Baba G!
Still loving it after 3 months

Aaahhh! What to look at first?
His view: Talk about your sensory overload...

So what does this bouncer DO, you ask? I think the real question is: What doesn't it do?

It vibrates, plays rainforest sounds OR little musical ditties (that I don't find annoying, believe it or not), has a glowing waterfall that appears to be flowing, features two little critters—a toad and a monkey—that pop up and down (BG REALLY likes the toad), a blue bird that bobs back and forth on top if you pull back its spring, and a toucan and monkey hanging down that your little one can grab onto.

BG has actually fallen asleep with one hand gripped on each animal, like a steering wheel or something.

Here's a short video of him enjoying the bouncer's tunes:

Some of my friends' kids love bouncy seats like this one, whereas others seem partial to swings. We have both (I'll review the swing some day soon) and I think BG likes them both (but for different reasons). However, he's in the bouncy seat more. And before anyone hollers at me, by "more" I only mean for short spans of time—not hours and hours, and never unattended. Though on that note I should mention that there's a little belt that straps babies in and keep them from sliding down too much.

There's no way to know if your baby will like a bouncy seat until you try one out. And there are tons of different themes and designs, but I do know that this one we have is especially loved and highly rated by the likes of Baby Bargains.

It retails for around $60, but on Amazon right now it's going for $35.50.

The bottom line: BABA G highly recommends!

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  1. Cameron has the same bouncer, and it took him a couple of months to really appreciate it. I think his interest in the waterfall part peaked around two months and has since started to decline. Now we only leave the waterfall part on for short periods of time, but he likes to just sit and vibrate in the bouncer. It especially comes in handy when I'm taking a shower or making dinner. The only thing I'd recommend to anyone considering buying it would be, don't pretend to slingshot your baby by pushing down on the seat, because I was joking around doing just that, and I think I bent the bars, so now it's not as inclined as it used to be. :) Just in case anyone was considering doing forewarned! :)