Monday, February 4, 2013

Rich Frog Critter & Creature Slippers

As I'm still trying to pull together shots for the post about Baba G's monthly milestone pictures, I thought I'd write about these incredibly cute "Creature Feet" in the meantime. My cousin bought them for BG before he was born, and I've had them in his nursery as a decoration until he was big enough to wear them. And guess what? He's big enough now.

He didn't really know what to make of them at first.


 But then he got into it.

Wait, maybe I think these are funny.

I'll show you where the Wild Things are! ROOOAAR!

Believe it or not, he CAN walk in them, and it's pretty funny to watch. But he likes to play with them off of his feet as well.

You know it's hard out here for a monster.

The bottom line: There are a ton of adorable Critter and Creature Feet (in the form of slippers and baby booties) to choose from at the Rich Frog website. Some of them even come with books. And there are funny hats, too. I'm glad we got a pair as a gift or else I wouldn't have known about them (or the Rich Frog brand, which seems pretty cool). I think if Desmond is ever really into a certain animal (or monsters) when he gets a little older, I would buy another larger pair of slippers so that he could play pretend with them.

Most of the Creature Feet are $18.95. Don't go to the Rich Frog website if you don't want to spend any money, though, because they have a ton of really cute baby and toddler products — the slippers are just one category of goodies!

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