Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm sure there are some people who read the title of this post and thought I was going to write about a type of snack product — something like Go-Gurt or one of the many kinds of toddler-friendly slurpy packs of pureed fruits and veggies.

But no, that's not what Squishables are. They're these:

I was so paranoid during my pregnancy that I didn't buy Baba G anything until I was nearly at full term. And then when I finally felt like everything was going to be OK, the Squishable Fox was the first thing I ordered. (Remember Baba G's real middle name is Fox!)

Only a few days old, and already subjected to silly pictures

These things are a big 15-inch-high ball of the softest, SOFTEST "fur" you will ever feel. I loved the fox so much that I bought his "micro" version as well:

The micros are 3 inches high and then there's also a "mini" version that's 7 inches high.

As you'll see in my next post, we used the Squishable Fox as a marker for each of Baba G's monthly milestones up until his 1-year birthday, which was last week.

Mr. Fox even played an integral role in BG's birthday party: he was the model for our cake!

For moi?
Fantastic Mr. Fox!
Hmm... INnnteresting...

The bottom line: Squishables are the coolest. I realize not everyone wants a huge furry ball sitting around their place, but if your kid likes soft things or stuffed animals in general, I encourage you to check out the dozens of different options — there's an octopus, a few kinds of dragons, cats, weird things I've never heard of — there's something for everyone.

Each design varies in price, but on average, the full-sized versions are $39, minis are $19 and micros are from $5-$9. Some kinds, like the octopus, even have a huge bean-bag version for around $142.

They seem to be adding new animals and various fantastical creatures all the time, too! Stay tuned for the monthly Baba G and Mr. Fox pics soon...

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