Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Baba G wants to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

The ONE PICTURE out of about 200 where he sat still for 2 seconds

BG was only 3 weeks old the first time we celebrated this most Hallmark of holidays, and we've been trying to push the experience out of our minds ever since. It was the low point of our time as parents to date, as BG had mastitis (yes, the breast infection—I'll let you Google why it can happen to a baby boy) and spent a few nights in the hospital as a result. He had to have a spinal tap to ensure the infection hadn't spread (THE low point of the past year) and a ton of antibiotics over three days. They put a crazy cast on him to ensure he didn't pull any needles or drips out.

At least the nurses gave him this little pink heart for the occasion:
Brave boy.

Glad THAT's behind us and there's nothing but hugs and kisses on the horizon this time around.

Pucker up!

Wishing you chocolates and flowers and drama-free celebrations today and tonight!


  1. Happy V Day, Des.....Auntie MA

  2. Happy Valentine's Day from Great Aunt Sue!! Love your pucker pose! Great Valentine's Day picture.