Friday, February 8, 2013

Monthy Milestone Stickers (Baba G through the year)

It took FOREVER for me to pull together all of these pictures in order to finally write about the very cool monthly milestone stickers we received as a shower gift before BG was born. And then wouldn't you know it, the company that makes the kind of stickers we have (Baby Cakes n Beyond) is pretty much impossible to find online, and therefore I can't really sing their praises.

So if you're interested in buying these stickers, I think you'll have to track them down through various eBay sellers or Etsy accounts (Google something like "baby month stickers"). There are a ton of different designs, they're just not altogether in any one spot that I can link to.

We had the dinosaur design, and here's the fun result of using all 12 stickers (alongside Mr. Fox, of course):

Not too sure about this big furry thing next to me... and you say we have to do this EVERY month?
(It's so weird for me to see him without any teeth now!)
Finally getting some meat on them bones.
Happy boy!

Nearly kicking Mr. Fox off the chair, but still happy!
Aerial view, still happy!

Stripping down in the heat of summer, but still happy...

... Suddenly not as happy, and realizing that Mr. Fox might not be totally trustworthy.

Starting to look pretty mature now...

In the midst of his Dominican Republic Flu recovery

It's Christmas Eve and he's in the spirit!

I'm gonna miss these pictures with you, Mr. Fox. It's been real.

The bottom line: Do you need stickers to do something like this? No. I have several friends who snapped pictures of their kids in a chair with a handwritten month-marker sign in the background. I feel like the key is having the kid in the same setting each time to really see how he or she is growing. I, however, am glad we received the stickers as a gift, because I'm not sure I would've been as motivated to take these shots otherwise! And now I'm so, so glad we have them.

By the time we got to the one-year mark, Baba G was onto the whole scheme and had ripped the sticker off within seconds. But the stickers served their purpose well for the biggest period of change and growth in his life, and for that I am grateful.

As I mentioned, I couldn't find this exact design or brand online, but if you're interested in similar stickers that go for about $10 (for 12), here are some on Etsy.


  1. This is a great concept....maybe now just a yearly picture. You could stop this tradition when he is in college with dark hair down to his shoulders ! (just like daddy)
    Auntie MA

  2. Great series. I've enjoyed waiting for each picture, every month. I'm gonna miss em too! Thanks for taking the time to capture the moment each month.

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