Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hanna Andersson Sleepwear

We've been lucky to get a lot of great hand-me-downs from friends who bought NICE baby clothes for their kids. That's how I came to know about the Hanna Andersson brand, which makes the cutest onesie-sleepers of all time. Whenever Baba G is in one of them, it takes everything in me not to just constantly smother him with YOU'RE SO CUTE COULD YOU BE ANY CUTER YOU ARE SO SNUGGLY PLEASE PLEASE SNUGGLE WITH ME hugs. 

The weird thing is, it's like he knows this.

Hee hee... I got her! (6 months)
You better work! (6 months)

Still posing at 11 months

I don't put BG to bed in these because they don't have feet, and his nursery's not the warmest room in the world, so we use Carter's fleece-ish onesies (and still put socks and a bodysuit-onesie on underneath) for nighttime. But when we're chillin' around the condo during the day, the Hanna Andersson outfits are a great pick.

I started panicking because my friends' supply of them runs out after the size BG's currently wearing. So I just checked the brand's site for the first time and had a geek freak-out because of all of the Star Wars pajama options they offer for toddlers. Yeeessssssss.

The bottom line: While I only have experience with the sleepwear onesies from the Hanna Andersson brand, it sure seems like this company is pretty great overall. First off, they're Swedish. (That's my ancestry, so clearly the Swedes rock.) Secondly, their stuff is made out of 100% organic cotton with no harmful chemicals, and meets all kinds of crazy-high European standards. (Sad fact: the U.S. doesn't care much about chemicals in kids' clothing.) And then there's the whole cute-as-hell and comfy-looking-as-hell factor.

Are they the cheapest outfits ever? No. The sleepwear pieces you see above run between $28-$32 on the HA site. Thank goodness for my friends' kids! Ha.

Finally, I just found out that Hanna Andersson has some retail locations (and outlet stores!) across the U.S. Perhaps there's one by you?


  1. His Carter's are mighty awesome, too ! Will check out the HA site....after all, Andersson can't be anything but great ! Auntie MA

  2. We bought Sonja's Christmas dress at HA. I have a coupon code that's good for a few more days if anyone wants to use it. 20% of regular priced items good until 1/13... L4LD3L45K.

  3. So cute! The second picture, that is WAY TOO CUTE! :) Anyway, thanks for sharing your pajama set and these lovely pictures. I think they are all adorable and something that I look forward to seeing more often.

  4. HA is SO expensive I can't believe it. I was looking at some jammies in a catalogue and I think, no joke, I probably could have gotten 30 sets of jammies for the same price for Target. (on sale)

  5. Hi E, I bumped into your blog just a week ago and I've already read the entire blog - it has helped me so much in choosing my baby's stuff. He's 4 months old now and even though I don't live in the US, I find your views very useful. I absolutely love the rompers and onesies you dress Desmond in. Could you also please share the links of where you picked them from?

  6. Hi there Kysha -

    So glad you've enjoyed the site. I swear that one day soon I'll start posting regularly again, but Baba G is keeping me too busy lately!

    Unfortunately for a lot of the clothes I've written about, I was given them as gifts or hand-me-downs for friends, so I didn't actually buy them anywhere. But if there IS somewhere to buy any of them, I will have already included that link at the end of the write-up, like I did on this one above. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful on that front! I'm lucky to have a lot of friends and family members who are constantly buying him stuff!

    - e

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