Monday, January 19, 2015

The Upside of Sick Days

Yes, yes you can.
Hello everybody! Those of you who read my According to e blog know that one of my 2015 goals has been to get back into a regular writing routine (well, a routine that includes some personal posts and not just stuff for clients that nobody else sees).

Since today is a holiday, however, I wasn't planning on posting. But then an idea popped into my head that I thought would be perfect to use to fire up this blog again. See, I was really looking forward to a "Baba G & Me Day" today: my husband is traveling, my nanny has the day off, I'm caught up on my client work, and it's a sunny/not-freezing morning here in Chicago. After Des woke up, we were going to walk down to my favorite breakfast diner, then continue running around the neighborhood while getting some errands done, meet a friend and her daughter for lunch, and then Des could play while I moved some furniture around in our condo in advance of a painting project we have scheduled.

But it was not to be.

After showing symptoms of a cold yesterday, Des woke up in full-on gross mode this morning. As in, at 7:40 a.m. I heard him blowing his nose heartily... on his pillow. It's now three hours later and we've gone through approximately 1,000 tissues. I scrapped our breakfast outing because he has that kind of cough where I suspect he could make himself throw up if he had just the right combination of swallowing, breathing and coughing.

He's usually high-energy to the point where he doesn't want to stop running around and playing for anything—eating, going to the potty, napping, you name it. But today he is content to sit in my bed and chill. He hardly ever gets to watch TV, but I decided that today he just needs to lay low, and with that comes Bob the Builder, his monster truck DVD and, of course, Cars.

Seriously, mommy?

I'm disappointed that we aren't going to have the exact Mommy/Son Day I'd hoped for, but I'm also not gonna complain about staying in our jammies and snuggling while watching Lightning McQueen go from a brat to a cool dude for the ten bazillionth time. Plus, I've been able to throw in a load of laundry (including all contents of his bed), Swiffer the entire floor, and write this post quickly from the other room.

So yes, it sucks that he's not feeling 100%. But at this point it's just a cold and I'm still thankful for some quiet time together. Because we all know that in a matter of days he'll be running around like a nutball and won't want to make time for any snuggles with mom!

- e

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