Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Search Of: The Best Waterproof/Pool-Friendly Diaper

In preparation for our trip next month, I need to figure out what Baba G can wear if we decide to visit the toddler pool:

I spent a few minutes Googling "waterproof diapers" and "swim diapers" and "diapers for pool" and came up with options ranging from Huggies Little Swimmers to Pampers Splashers to the i play Swim Diaper (same company behind BG's sun hat!).

I was most concerned with finding something that wouldn't disintegrate or get weighed down in the water. I didn't even THINK of the possibility of him going #2 in the pool, which was a topic of discussion and debate in the review section for the Swim Diaper. I guess this situation didn't cross my mind because at this age BG is VERY obvious when he's doing his business, and so I'd just whip him out of the pool should that be the case. But perhaps when kids get older they take care of #2 on the sneak tip?

Either way, I'm all ears for suggestions about what works best for a 10-month-old to wear in the pool (under swim trunks, of course).

Thanks in advance for any advice!


  1. We swim a ton down here and always used Huggies Little Swimmers, which we like. But since we started swim class, we have been using a required reusable diaper and I couldn't love it more. No waste, comfy and way less bulky. There are a few options on diapers.com - I don't remember the exact brand but we went with the cheaper one. Especially if you are not swimming a lot, a few of these might be just the ticket! (in 2 1/2 years Abby has never pooped in a swim diaper. Maybe we're just lucky?)

  2. We've used both the Huggies and Pampers versions and have no gripes about them. We've also been lucky enough to never have a poopy one to deal with (with either of our kiddos) but it's good to have them just in case, and most pools will require some sort of swim diaper (a splash park nearby will actually shut down for 24 hours if they have a poop accident...I do NOT want to be that mom!). And while it might sound gross, I usually will squeeze the water out and reuse them once or twice if they haven't been used, so one bag lasts us all summer usually. One thing worth noting is that a swim diaper does NOT hold pee, so make sure you put it on right before swim time or you might get a surprise on the way to the pool. :)