Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Gund Mini Tinkle Crinkle (Worm/Caterpillar)

We have this one
I learned something today. One of Baba G's most beloved toys, which I've been calling "Baby Worm" for 8 months (in honor of his favorite book character), is actually 1) a caterpillar, and 2) officially called the "mini tinkle crinkle."

Is that name for real? What in the hell is a "tinkle crinkle"? Who comes up with this stuff? Are they regularly tested for drug use?

Though the Baby Gund Mini Tinkle Crinkle might be battling My Brest Friend for the honor of "Worst-Named Product," Baba G doesn't care. He loves this toy, which I'm still going to refer to as Baby Worm, dammit.

But it comes in primary colors as well
We got Baby Worm as a gift from friends when BG was born, and it was one of the only toys I felt comfortable putting near him in the early days because it is SO SO SO soft. Seriously, it's the softest.

It makes a very faint rattling noise if you shake it, and it's only 8 inches long so it's the perfect size for a newborn to grasp.

Apparently there's a 17-inch version that's named the "Tinkle, Crinkle, Rattle and Squeak," and it's one of Gund's best-sellers. If the mini worm is any indication, I can see why the bigger one is such a hit.

Here's Baba G when he was less than 2 weeks old, already holding Baby Worm and trying to eat it:

You, Baby Worm, are destined to become the most-slobbered-on of my toys
The bottom line: The Baby Gund Mini Tinkle Crinkle (grr) makes for a GREAT, inexpensive gift that I guarantee any newborn is going to love. The mini version goes for between $2.50 - $3.25 (I told you it was inexpensive!) on Amazon, and the full-sized version is around $16.

Baba G still loves Baby Worm just as much as he did when they were first introduced. Even though he has a ton of fancy teethers and other toys now, Baby Worm is the old standby we take with us in the car and to restaurants because he can't get enough of it. Plus, it's one of those toys that doesn't make noise when it's dropped OR when it's played with, and it's easily washable. Perfect! I guess I'll forgive its stupid official name.

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