Monday, August 6, 2012

Skip*Hop Pronto Changer

This isn't the first review I've done on a Skip*Hop product, and I'm sure it won't be the last. I really do love this brand.

Baba G has been checking off all sorts of milestones this past week, which contributed to my lack of posts. Since he's now crawling (!!!), I realized that I really need to get going on writing about some of the things I used when he was just a little bitty baby, because there are tons of new products we're spending lots of time with now that he's not only mobile, but also eating "solids" (aka: soupy kinda gross stuff). Too. Much. To. Cover!

Today I wanted to talk about the Skip*Hop Pronto Changer, because I used it in a weird way early on and maybe someone else out there can benefit from my ingenuity. (Kidding, because how I used it was not at all creative.)

The changer's main purpose is to provide a not-covered-with-other-babies'-nasty-stuff surface for you to swap out your kid's diaper when you're on the go. I, however, used it within our condo, just a room away from BG's changing table.

The black thing flips open to be the changer (they're not two separate pieces like this pic makes it seem)
The reason why is because I was attempting to help my husband get as much sleep as possible back then. We were SO worried about both becoming zombies after BG arrived that I went totally overboard. We had BG sleeping in his Pack 'n Play (we have one with a pseudo-bassinet level—ONE DAY I will write about it) in our bedroom, and whenever he'd wake up I would take him out to our main room to feed him and, if necessary (which was almost always the case at the beginning), change him.

Since he was not exactly quiet during these times, I figured out a fairly hassle-free way to change him on our couch using the Pronto Changer. I would get it all set up before we went to bed—I'd have diapers, wipes, cream, and even a new outfit (just in case) all right there on the coffee table next to the couch. Sure, sometimes BG would roll into the dip between the couch's back and cushion, but I'm sure he had fun when that happened.

We'll of course take the Presto Changer with us on trips in the future, but we haven't actually needed it for that use as of yet.

Generic Smiling Baby on a Clean Wood Floor = Not my kid & definitely not my disaster-scene condo

The bottom line: I specifically wanted the Skip*Hop Pronto Changer ($30 at Amazon), but I'm sure there are cheaper brands that work just as well. But is a portable changer pad a NECESSARY thing to have in the first place? No, not in the least. There are throwaway changing pads out there, and there's also this thing called paper towel or toilet paper that you could cover a public-bathroom changing table with if you wanted to. But I do like the Pronto Changer and I'm especially glad I had it during those early weeks. I'm still proud of those quick-changes at 3 am.

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