Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mom's Goin' Bye-Bye

Doin' the trick... for now
First and foremost, I wanted to thank those who wrote me both through the site and offline with advice about the Pee-Diaper Crystal Situation.

I was really annoyed to find out that the Pampers "Baby Dry" diapers WERE NOT actually the overnight kind, despite graphics on the packaging and claims of "12 hour protection!" that would lead one to believe they were. There is yet another kind called "Extra Protection Overnight" which both BG&Me reader Rachael and a friend of mine called to my attention. This friend gave me three of them to try out, in a size larger than what Baba G normally wears, as she felt going a size up helped with even more absorbency.

Those diapers thankfully did not dissolve. BUT Baba still soaked them through, wet to the touch and through his outfit. So I decided to try out Huggies OverNites, which a different friend raved about (a friend who used Pampers on her kids during the daytime).  Since I couldn't find either the Pampers EPOs OR Huggies OverNites in our local Walgreens or CVS, I had my husband go to Target where he found the goldmine of diaper choices. We tried out the Huggies last night and they worked splendidly. Definitely full o' pee in the morning, but NOT wet to the touch, so yay. We're sticking with those for the time-being... but if they end up failing us we are gonna go with BG&Me reader Amy's Seventh Generation double-up suggestion!

So today's post isn't about any certain product, it's about me taking my first trip out-of-state since Baba G was born. My husband and I went to a wedding overnight a few hours away at the end of July and my parents stayed at our place and watched him, but we were barely gone over 24 hours. Now, however, I'm heading to my annual girls' weekend in New York and will be gone until Sunday night.

It's gonna be hard to leave this face:

It's OK, mom -- Daddy & I are gonna rock out to Van Halen all weekend!

BUT, I know it's a healthy thing to do—both for me and for Baba. And I know I'll have a great time once I'm out there. But this morning... well, this morning I was tearing up while reading The Runaway Bunny and having freak-outs that something like the scenario in the upcoming TV series "Revolution" is gonna happen where while I'm on the East Coast, all of the power is going to fail in the US and I will have no way back home.

Yes, this is what happens when you watch too much sci-fi.

So, wish me luck drowning out these crazy fears and willing myself to walk out the door and hail a cab in about an hour. And also please keep your fingers crossed I'll be able to get a good enough connection at a local Starbucks (where I'm going has notoriously spotty access) to have a video chat with my boys each morning.

Until next week!
- e

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  1. And what an adorable face it is! Hope you had a great time away!! It does you good. I left both boys (when Ernie was just 4 months old) and flew off to Vegas for our 10th anniversary. I'm sure him and his dad had a grand ole time.