Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Ultimate Crib Sheet (Sheet/Mattress Protector)

Two weeks ago we finally moved Baba G into his nursery... and specifically into his crib. He'd been sleeping in his Pack 'n Play in our room for five months, but the time had come for him to move on out. (We have a bed in his nursery so he's not totally on his own overnight just yet, but we're getting there.)

The thing that was great about the Pack 'n Play, which I will eventually dedicate a post to one of these days, is that its "mattress" sheets were really easy to switch out and the "mattress" (in quotes because it's more like a foldable, cushiony rectangle) was extremely easy to clean (and then dried quickly). That's not exactly the case with the crib mattress, though. The crib mattress is thick, heavy, and fits very snugly into the crib (as it should, obviously). When you're already dealing with sore wrists and weak upper-body issues like I am, it's pretty much a full-on workout to change the crib's fitted sheets.

And OF COURSE Baba G is making sure that he pees through his diapers and pajamas and/or spits up majorly on his crib sheets approximately every other day.

The fifth time I was changing the sheets, I remembered I'd read about (and subsequently bought) the Ultimate Crib Sheet. It's this thick sheet of material with a bunch of snaps that you fasten on top of a crib's fitted sheets, like so:

Cute fitted sheets are still visible

There are between 8 and 12 fasteners you can snap on like so

When the Ultimate Crib Sheet gets wet/gross/otherwise nasty, you unsnap all the snaps and voila! A fresh and clean fitted sheet awaits your bundle of joy.

This sheet looks ripe for peein' on!

I'll get in a workout of Baby Push-Ups before I destroy this clean sheet

The Bottom Line: No, the Ultimate Crib Sheet isn't going to save you a ton of laundry loads or anything, but it might just save your sanity on a particularly stressful evening to know that you aren't going to have to wrestle with the mattress before your bundle of joy can take a nap or go to sleep for the night. It costs about $17.

If you look at the Amazon reviews, you'll see the vast majority of people love this product. But if you focus on the negative reviews, you might not notice (like I didn't at first) that the majority of them were submitted between 5 to 10 years ago, when the product had a totally different design. While I'll certainly provide an update if we end up having any issues with the Crib Sheet, I will say that 1) we air-dried it in order to avoid it shrinking or pilling, and 2) the snaps really require some effort to unsnap, so I am not worried at all about BG having the power to pull them apart any time soon.

Unless he keeps doing those push-ups.


  1. Thanks! Once again I updated my registry per your recommendation. Does it not bug you at all that this rests atop your cute sheets, making them less visible, or does that not matter really when you're just trying to prevent a (literal) shitshow?

  2. It doesn't bug me when the Crib Sheet is on during a period of time when it's only me, my husband, the nanny or relatives (who visit frequently) around. But I guess if I had someone over for the first time or someone who I knew wasn't going to visit again for months/years, then I'd probably take the CS off so that the designs on the sheets beneath could be on full display. But for the most part we don't have a ton of visitors who I care to impress. : )

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