Monday, November 26, 2012

Vacation FAIL

Have you ever had to use a barf bag?

It's not exactly a club one aspires to be a member of, I realize.

But a week ago on Delta Flight 2112, a Motion Sickness Bag and I became fast friends, making me the last member of our small family to be victimized by a nasty Dominican Republic bug.

We were supposed to return from our week-long vacation in Club Med in Punta Cana on Wednesday the 21st, but after my husband and Baba G fell ill Saturday and Sunday, respectively, we realized it was better to get back home as soon as possible — especially since the pediatrician's office would be closed on Thanksgiving.

And then I got sick on our Atlanta > Chicago leg, so we made the right choice. We stepped foot in our condo Monday evening, not a moment too soon.

My husband has been known to get sick when we travel, so when he came down with a ton of unpleasant symptoms late Saturday night (the 17th), I chalked it up to him not heeding my warnings about avoiding the resort's salad bar.

But then Sunday night Baba G wailed and wailed, and I knew something was off. He's usually a great through-the-night sleeper, and had been perfect for our first four nights in the pack 'n play the resort provided.

Sunday evening, however, he was so miserable that I brought him into bed with me and banished my husband to the other room (he was still extremely sick so needed to be away from us, anyway).

I snapped this picture of BG finally resting in a mass of pillows shortly before he got up Monday morning:

Sleep, at last.

Why is he only in his diaper, you ask? Maybe because the air conditioning in our room was broken and we were suffering in a very humid and stuffy 78 degrees.

After he woke up, it was clear he was not well. I will spare you the details, but let's just say that all of the things the Travel Clinic had forewarned us could go wrong, DID go wrong. On top of that, the extra-heavy-duty medicine they gave us to cure Baba G of all foreign germ invaders wouldn't stay down.

That's when we decided we had to pay the crazy-high airline change fees and cut our trip short. Thankfully, BG did not have as rough of a time coming home as I did.

I didn't even have to give anyone around us earplugs! He slept the whole way home.

Once we were back in Chicago Monday night, the worst of it hit me. My husband and I were so incredibly sick and weak that when BG woke up Tuesday morning covered in, um, a mess, I knew we needed help. So at 6:30 a.m. I called my parents, who I knew would not hesitant to make the five-hour drive from Michigan to come be with their ailing grandson (and, you know, us).

Over the next two days my husband and I got better, but Baba G did not. And then, at around 5:30 a.m. Thanksgiving morning, BOTH of my parents got violently ill within about ten minutes of each other, I kid you not.

I felt like a total ass because I had just assumed all of us had ingested something bad at the resort. Even though we only used bottled water for BG, I figured that since he puts his mouth on EVERYTHING, he had clearly licked up a deviant germ. But once my parents became sick then I knew we were dealing with some sort of contagious virus.

This whole situation was — and still is — awful, but what makes it so much worse is that my brother and his wife are having their first baby literally any second now (her due date was yesterday), and now my parents cannot go out to visit them in D.C. for at least two weeks to ensure they're no longer contagious. As Cher said best, "If I could turn back ti-iime...."

Baba G is not at 100% yet and since it's been over a week, we're hauling him back to the pediatrician's office tomorrow (we went in on Tuesday, too... stay tuned for a post on Taking Poo Samples for Parasite Sampling!).

Needless to say, he's not a fan of Thanksgiving (that's his 10-month birthday sticker on him below).

What the hell happened to all of us?

I regret a lot of things about our trip... about going to the Dominican Republic in the first place... etc., etc. I will probably never forgive myself. But we did at least have three fun days together as a family on our first vacation with BG, and then he and I had a nice mommy/son day alone before all hell broke loose.

Here's some proof:

I hope to be back with a much happier post soon! And I hope your Thanksgiving was better than ours was... it kind of HAD to be, right?


  1. Sorry to hear you all took sick. You made the right choice coming home. Get well, kids !

  2. That sounds horrible but I really hope you don't guilt trip yourself too much. Paul is sick right now too (we're at Lurie actually) but god knows where he got what he got. What can you do? Keep them in a bubble? I feel terrible for him but we don't need guilt on top of it.

  3. I'm in Australia now and Riley started running a really high fever on the plane on the way here. He was really sick for a week and just getting better today. Having a sick child while traveling has got to be right up there among life's most stressful experiences! Hope you all are feeling much better soon!
    Julie Rogers

  4. :( so sorry. Hope everyone is better soon!

  5. From the symptoms and the very short incubation period, sounds like you all caught some Norovirus (also known as stomach virus or the endearingly named: winter vomiting bug). It probably won't make you feel better but you could just as well have caught it in the US and so the Dominican Republic does not have to go on your black list....Sorry it ruined your trip and I'm hoping for you that you had travel insurance or paid for the trip with a Visa card since some of your expenses (such as the flight change penalties and unused hotel room fees) could be reimbursed. Lucky you have such great parents to come and help out at the risk of falling ill themselves. They are keepers.

  6. Oh man- that just sucks! I feel for you. Something very similar happened to my family. We took our 5 month old to visit michigan (we live in texas). It was his first flight. He got a stomach bug while in michigan (so it is not the DR's fault!) and projectile vomited all over me on the flight home. I had to sit in it for hours. Then in the car to the house, etc. My husband and I both got it within 12 hours of each other. You are lucky though that you had your parents close by to help! A shame that they got sick too! But don't blame yourself!!! Hopefully this doesn't scar you from traveling with Baba G again. Admittedly, I am still a bit scared myself!