Monday, September 10, 2012

The Nuby Grip N' Sip Cup

The full, official name of this product is the Nûby No-Spill™ Super Spout™ Grip N' Sip™.

The day I bought it, however, it was the I-didn't-get-off-my-butt-and-buy-my-kid-a-training-cup-and-he's-supposed-to-be-drinking-water-now-and-this-is-all-they-had-at-Walgreens Cup™. But make no mistake, I do actually like it.

I was getting waaaaay too stressed out about which sort of training cup to buy Baba G when he began the transition to solid foods. Our pediatrician said to start giving him a little bit of water out of a cup during those feedings, just to get him used to the concept of drinking from something other than a bottle. I figured a cup that had a soft silicone spout would help bridge the gap. And then it was like I became so overwhelmed and confused by all of the options I saw online that it finally got to the point where I said "Screw it" and bought the best option I could find at my corner drugstore.

So that's how we ended up with the Nûby cup. It has worked well and BG took to it right from the start. We've used it for about a month now, and while I still have to hold it for him in order for him to actually drink out of it, he is getting better with figuring it out on his own.

Nothin' to it.

Though he still likes to goof off with it.
Look, Ma, no hands!

The bottom line: There are literally 5 bazillion types of training cups, and I think Nûby alone makes about 1 billion of them. The kind we bought (I am NOT typing out its long-ass official name again) was about $6 and serves its purpose. Baba wasn't thrown by it at all when I first attempted to give him water from it.

What I don't like is its awkward-to-screw-on top with those huge handles that come down on both sides. It won't leak if you screw the cap on correctly, but doing so is hard because its handles get in the way. I also wish it had come with a cap so that we could take it outside of our condo without fear of getting the spout dirty.

Does anyone else kinda see EVE from Wall-E?

But guess what? One of the 1 billion types of cups Nûby makes solved both of those problems! The handles come from the stationary bottom, and there's a cap included as well.

You guys are on your own trying to figure out the official name of this one, though. Sorry.


  1. This looks to be the same-ish one we used with Carter, and we ended up with a million of the cups and handles because he would teethe through the spout and those are ridiculously expensive to replace so we just kept buying new cups. :) Collin, however, was not a fan of any of the spout sippies, and just started, at one, drinking well from a straw. So now both of my guys, one and almost three, are drinking from the Playtex straw sippies (not sure of the official name) and we've found these to be the least-leaky sippies out there, though they definitely leak quite a bit when you go from cold to hot or hot to cold temperatures (I think it's a pressure thing). We get ours at Target, and they come in two-packs.

  2. I wish I found this earlier! I bought 3 different kinds, and this is the one Baby Girl loves too. The water actually comes out easiest (the least amount of coordinated sucking required). Plus, out of all of them, she is super fascinated with the color and shape. Love Nuby stuff! Baby Girl also loves their teething bug-a-loop teether.