Monday, June 11, 2012

Sophie the Giraffe

As seen briefly in Three Men and a Baby
The pride of France!
Baba G is only 4.5 months old, and we already see a tooth peeking out at us. What?!? I didn't think kids got teeth until they were, like, two or something. (Clearly I'm behind on my baby-book reading.) I tried to take a picture of said tooth, but that photo shoot did not go well. Apparently babies do not like it when you try to pull down their lower lips while shoving a camera in their face.

Anyway, so this tooth is coming in—and more are close behind—but thankfully Baba G seems to be taking it all in stride. He is still sleeping through the night and is rarely fussy. But he is always, and I do mean ALWAYS, putting stuff in his mouth. Even if he ends up gagging himself, he will try to shove his whole fist in there. So I feel bad for him and am trying to see what teethers he likes best, since my pediatrician said numbing gels were a no-no, and since I only want to use Baby Tylenol as a last resort.

When I was pregnant, a ton of friends told me that I had to get Sophie the Giraffe (made by Vulli) for a teether. This was another What?!?! moment for me because, 1) my friends acted like I should have heard of Sophie, but I hadn't, and 2) this giraffe toy did not look like any teether I'd ever seen. What happened to good old-fashioned teething rings? But, of course, I registered for and received Ms. Sophie.

At this point I'm happy that BG can chew on the soft and flexible Sophie. . . 

In The Zone

Even though sometimes he chooses to get his fix on something plastic and hard, like this poor butterfly.

This might've been a mistake.

I'm beginning to understand the hype about Sophie. While Baba G does in fact love some of his classic, old-school teething rings (especially fresh outta the fridge), now that he can hold things, he especially likes to turn Sophie all around in his hands and try to devour her face... or maybe her legs... it all depends on his mood.

Seriously, who came up with this thing.
Mmm... tastes like chicken!
When I was researching Sophie for this post, I learned that there are more Sophies sold in her home country of France than there are babies born there any given year. That's awesome. French people are hilarious.

And I guess it should go without saying that Sophie is BPA/bad-stuff-free and all that.

The bottom line: Is it ridiculous to spend $22 on a giraffe teether made of rubber and food paint? Probably. So maybe that's what you should get someone for their shower, because Baba G loves Sophie!

(She squeaks, too.)

Vive la France, and vive la Sophie!


  1. I haven't even read all the posts yet but I've added Sophie and the changing pads to my registry. Thank you, E, and Baba G!

  2. We had Sophie, and Cameron was just beginning to be able to use it, but we lost her in a tragic "dog steals baby toy" accident. Our dogs love stealing his binkies, so it was only a matter of time before Sophie met her demise. Unfortunate, but I don't think I want to risk $22 on a new one.